Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saving Southern Maryland Chesapeake Pelicans

Nice article in today's Washington Post about Maryland stepping up to save some wayward Pelicans who are more into evergreens than palm trees for hosting their christmas tree decorations.

""You see 'em shivering right now? That wind is cold," Tommy Courtney said Friday, watching remaining birds on a beach behind his seafood restaurant in Ridge, Md., where the Potomac River meets the St. Mary's River meets Smith Creek, and hard winds blow off all of them. At least 40 pelicans were near his restaurant Monday, some bleeding from frostbite on their webbed feet. It was far too late for them to head south. "

The article proceeds to describe how a group of Pelicans were captured and are being nursed back to health, ready to release when the Spring migratory patterns begin.

Courtney's Seafood and Restaurant is on Wynne Road in Ridge, MD - here's a link to some reviews of this great local Southern Maryland seafood restaurant stop.

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